Technology facilitating domestic violence. How is that possible?

Stalkerware is an example of how technologies can become a risk to your life. This commercially available software enables partner surveillance, facilitating gender-based and domestic violence, harassment and sexual abuse. Fighting against multifaceted issue of stalkerware requires action from cybersecurity vendors, non-governmental institutions, organisations supporting victims and working with perpetrators, academia and legislation.

To provide helpful information for victims and survivors, members of the Coalition against Stalkerware created a video that explains the issue of this threat, lists common indicators of stalkerware, and mentions steps that should and should not be taken.

Uniting Advocacy Groups, Software Developers, Security Firms, and Survivors to Eliminate Abusive Technology and Software

The Coalition Against Stalkerware convened in 2019 in order to facilitate communication between those organizations working to combat domestic violence and the security community. The founding organizations have committed to fighting domestic violence, stalking, and harassment by addressing the use of stalkerware and raising public awareness about this issue.


As the Coalition moves forward, it intends to:

  • Define best practices in the debate surrounding stalkerware and other potentially unwanted technologies deployed without user consent
  • Facilitate learning about stalkerware and related threats by security professionals and companies
  • Improve IT Security industry response to this issue by sharing samples of known stalkerware among cybersecurity vendor participants and testing IT Security solutions
  • Create consensus-based detection criteria
  • Raise awareness and education of stalkerware through content and training
  • Increase the technical capacity of advocacy and service organizations working with victims and survivors

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Special Advisors - Adam Dodge, Martijn Grooten