Corrata is a provider of endpoint security software for mobile devices. The company dedicated to ensuring that individuals and organizations can make use of mobile technology safe in the

knowledge that their communications and content remains private. Considering the rising problem of stalkerwae Corrata has joined the Coalition Against Stalkerware  to make their unique technology and deep expertise in mobile security readily available to victims and survivors to keep them safe online.

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TechCrunch builds spyware look-up tool for Android devices

Zack Whittaker, Security Editor at TechCrunch, today announced t...

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Australian charged with developing and selling desktop stalkerware

Last week, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) announced that it...

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Avast and Refuge Launch ‘Digital Break-Up’ Kit to Raise Awareness of Tech Abuse

19 July 2022 Almost half of Brits (47%) know someone else’s...

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