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Sign the Developer Pledge

Sign the pledge to be part of the solution and not the problem. Join forces with people around the globe to protect each other, and keep each other safe.

Become a Partner

Our partners have taken a public stand against the malicious use of this technology. They join us in calling for ethical best practices in software development and an end to tech-enabled abuse.

Submit your Story

Share your experiences with others, so that we may all benefit from it. We look forward to hearing your story, as we believe through experience we can learn and get better at protecting each other.

Not a software developer, organization, or survivor? That's okay! We've got ways for you to be involved as well!

Speak up

Take time to talk to those in your life about stalkerware. Educate your children on what to look for and how to keep themselves safe online. If you know someone that's thinking about using an app or software to spy on their significant other or someone they know, don't stay silent! You might help save a life.

Common Cause

Visit Common Cause's website and punch in your address (or an address near you) to get a readout of all your local, state and federal representatives. Then reach out to them and ask that they listen to survivors, software developers, advocacy groups, and security firms and act to protect people from abusive technology.

Shop Wisely

Using our partner listing and developer pledge signatories, we have developed a list of amazing tools and pieces of software whose programmers have committed to taking a stand against stalkerware. If you are looking for an app or a piece of software, check to see if they've signed on. If not, contact them and ask them to join us!